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Klick Digital. Co., Ltd. is a marketing-driven firm that specializes in managing digital marketing campaigns, helping clients maintain an online presence on WeChat, Weibo, etc. and developing tools for any industry.
With English, Thai and Chinese language capabilities, Klick Digital is uniquely placed to help businesses infiltrate the Chinese fast-growing market. Our team of multilingual professionals specialize in language-specific marketing, China-specific strategies and delivering results.
Our services include building custom website management tools, strategic social media planning, creating online advertisements, handling public relations, providing digital marketing solutions and implementing creative strategies through a variety of digital channels.

— Our Philosophy

At Klick Digital, we know it’s a struggle to keep a consistent brand across your digital channels within a reasonable budget. That’s why it’s our mission to support our clients in ways that help them reach more customers through a variety of digital marketing tools and channels. The Chinese digital landscape is stressful – that’s why we’re here as your assistant.